The Retreats

In our Retreats, you will go thru the 13 sessions of physical and soul – transformation. Those 13 sessions form a unit, which will lead to your full De-Armoring. The Retreats themselves are designed and led as a Healing Ceremony. We support you with profound knowledge about male and female energy, about being a man or a woman. We share teachings from our spiritual path around armoring and the consequences in our character (Body-Character-Types), and share tools with you for your ongoing self-healing. We share knowledge about how to gain energy in your life process, and lead a fulfilling life. We support you in the actualization of your priorities and in your maturational process. We will provide individual assistance for you to find back into your naturalness, and fully be You.
A core piece of the Retreats consists in the complete reading and analysis of your Aura, and a personal consultation with us. Several powerful additional ceremonies will guide you in your process.
Armoring also leads to separation and human isolation. The natural state of being together in the group gradually loosens the isolation, and separation becomes unnecessary. Healing happens. To be together as humans becomes possible in a simple way. You will recognize in the process of each other a part of yourself; we become humans again that recognize and value their interconnection.
Men and Women go thru the process together. Thru this togetherness within the clarity and safety in the space, you will gain deep understanding, forgiveness and knowledge around the feminine and masculine, which you will encounter rarely in other contexts in that same depth and naturalness. Our Humanness, with all that we have in common, as well as our unique individuality, shines. You can be yourself, and be connected to others at the same time.