Sabina Tschudi
Crystal Cave Dreamer

Portrait-2016-SabinaBorn 1960
Sabina is a human scientist, NLP Trainer, clinical hypnotherapist and a Medicine woman.  She has a degree in Sexual Medicine (University of Basel, Switzerland) and trained in Systemic sexual therapy with Prof. U. Clement in Heidelberg/Germany.  She is a member of the International Society of Sexual Meedicine (ISSM).
She walks the Sweet Medicine Sundance path, an ancient shamanic path to enlightenment, since 1983. 
Coming from a Christian background, she spent 4 years of her schooling in a monastery. Later, she worked for international development organizations and engaged herself in particular for the rights of prisoners of war.
Since 1989, Sabina conducts workshops, retreats, camps and yearlong programs within the Sweet Medicine Sundance path, and offers coaching for individuals and couples. She is a qualified teacher of Spiritual Sexuality (Quodoushka) and works since many years for physical and sexual healing.
Since 1997, she offers Body Dearmoring Retreats together with her Husband Johannes in different countries  of Europe. Sabina lives with her husband Johannes in the Swiss Alps.

Sabina: „The beauty of the Dearmoring process lies within the gift of healing within all five aspects“.

„You not only heal from wounds, pains and emotional charges of the past which you may still carry. You also heal in the sense of finally being 100% who you are. Without shame, without hiding and without bending yourself in any way. With a high level of joy of livingness and self responsibility, in how you engage in life and share your gifts with life. Dearmoring is a process of re-birth into the fullness of who you are. This is the jewel within the process, to free your soul from it’s cage.“