Johannes Schröder
Star Light Carrier

Portrait-2016-JohannesBorn 1963.
Johannes spent his childhood and early youth in an extended family on a farm in Northern Germany. The life in the countryside kindled early his interest for nature and naturalness, as well as for natural healing.
Johannes is a trained farmer, paramedic, natural healer and classical homeopath. He worked several years in health care for sick and elderly people as well as  supporting death transition.
Since 1992, Johannes walks the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, an ancient shamanic path to enlightenment. He is a Medicine man, leader, ceremonialist and seminar teacher, and is engaged in healing on many different levels; shamanically, sexually, between men and women, as well as in natural healing. His own exposure to Dearmoring, where he was directly guided by his teacher Thunder Strikes, was a major turning point in his life. His personal experience of profound and permanent transformation prompted him to get trained by his teacher, and to become the first male expert worldwide in Dearmoring. Johannes holds an exceptional space as a healer-priest, as well as as a warrior. He is a role model for men as well as for women; he combines his peaceful centeredness with his sense for humour and joy, and his heart is open and present for every individual to fully become themselves. He lives with his wife Sabina in the Swiss Alps.