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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement

I got to know Sabina as a Post Graduate at the University of Basel/Switzerland, and Johannes and Sabina during several sexual-therapeutical advanced trainings, which I offer in Heidelberg/Germany. I value Sabina and Johannes as experienced and sustainable therapists and  personalities.  I am convinced about their Integrity and Thoroughness in how they adress the deep dimensions of Sexuality and Relationship. Without any restriction, I  recommend both  of them as Therapists.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement, Systemic Sexual Therapy, Heidelberg, Germany

Sabina Tschudi

Sabina Tschudi
Crystal Cave Dreamer

Events and coaching
for more heart, soul and sex

Finding joy and pleasure, coming out of your shell, living life to the full, experiencing and expressing what’s inside…



Johannes Schröder

Johannes Schröder
Star Light Carrier





Body De-Armoring liberates and connects to Life!

It is a holistic, deeply healing and transformational process that takes only two (!) weeks of your time.
Allow yourself this extraordinary gift.
Once in a lifetime!